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Behind the Times.....

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because I've been a big giant slug and doing very little!

Saw Faith and the Muse on Monday, in the wonderful company of Vlad, Heather, Phil, Lori, Shannon and Matt. It was nice to go out and see nice people, and the girls were sweet and made me feel missed. The show was wonderful and it was nice to get dressed up... I was impressed to find something cool to wear in maternity size! I got to say hello to Monica at the end, and that was really neat too.

Spent Wed. at the doc's with Joe, who has reactive airway disease (it's like asthma). He had it as an infant, whenever he would get sick he'd cough and wheeze. Now that he's in school and getting sick on and off, he's coughing and wheezing at night. He's getting allergy meds and an inhaler at bedtime now, and so far doing fine. He should grow out of it, unless he develops full-blown asthma.

Today is Siouxsie. John called ahead and arranged for special seating (since I am worried about standing). I'm looking forward to the show, and hoping that we can find parking, as I forgot to buy parking when I ordered our tickets a gazillion years ago. This will likely be my last trip out until Halloween. John's hoping to make it to the Reverend on the 29th but I'm not so sure I'm gonna make it. The last few days have been really miserable! I'll spare you the gory details... but I can tell that the baby has shifted and has moved down. We are 33 1/2 weeks now, and it's freaky to think that she'll be here soon! I'm excited and looking forward to being off work for a little while.

That's all the news for now. :)

I want to ride the choo choo!

Joe and I spent our morning at home, had breakfast from McDonald's ala Grandpa, who came to deliver a forgotten diaper bag while he was running errands. John worked in the morning but was able to come home early. We decided that we needed to get Joe out of the house for a bit so we headed out for ride on the Metro. Joe is train-obsessed these days.

We started at the Springfield Station, then changed to the yellow line at King Street and the red line at Chinatown. We took the train to Union Station, looked at the big choo-choo's and had ice cream at Ben and Jerry's before heading back. Joe was in train heaven, although he's a bit disturbed by the tunnels and John's telling him that there were trolls in the tunnels that charge you extra to ride. Bad Daddy for telling scary stories! We had a nice afternoon, and capped it off by handing off our all-day Metro passes to another couple as we exited the station, sharing the wealth. :)

My late evening plans include some beading (I have 4 to-order badge holders to complete), cleaning and watching TV. I am so boring! :) We do plan to get to FATM Monday and Siouxsie Thursday, a last gasp before we are pretty much housebound. I hope to see some of you there! :)
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Gmail Invites

I have 6 gmail invites. I feel so special! Anyone want one??

It's still a girl!

Had my sono. I really hate the Ultrasound dept. at the Springfield Kaiser. I have never had an appointment on time, and it's tough to sit around with a full bladder and a large baby sitting on top of it any longer than you ABSOLUTELY have to. Anyhoo, 2 hrs later and I'm home- Jules is definitely a girl, and she's pretty too. I got a few really good face shots this time. I can't wait to see her in real life! Her heart is fine, and everything else is fine too. She's decided to put her head toward my left hip and her feet under my right ribcage, which explains the kicking I'm feeling. So hopefully no more sonograms, and no more trips to Springfield Kaiser since all is well.

Working today... managed to get a haircut and that's all. John took Joe to school....I feel like I have barely seen Joe today, and I miss him so! I'm looking forward to a weekend off and some time to relax. :)

Hope that everyone is having a good day! I'm off to shower and get ready for work. Woo!

We're Baaack!

We are back online with our new computer, Dad's year-old system. He upgraded to a fancy new Dell, so we were given the old one. Yay for generous parents!

We have an old 15-inch monitor and a 17-inch monitor (we inherited a 17" flat screen). Both are free to a good home for anyone who wants them. Speak now or they are going out in the trash next week!

Nothing new to report... Jules is doing well, although I am getting quite uncomfortable. Our c-section is scheduled for Oct. 11th, not too far away! I have another sonogram tomorrow, to check the heart and umbilical cord. I can't believe we are so close! Joe routinely screams at my belly, telling Jules to "Get outta Momma!". It's very cute.

I have much catching up to do. :)

My Boys!

Daddy's lap is a great place to nap.


It's been a long week. I started on insulin Monday evening- John gets to give me the shots. I can barely feel them, and it's not really that big a deal except I have essentially felt like crap since starting on them. I have a few good hours when I first get up and then I am a giant slug, scarcely able to move from the sofa! I'm hoping to adjust soon to them and feel better. Sadly, I'm expecting that my dosage will have to be increased this week as well as my fasting blood sugars are still over 100.

Jules is growing, measuring at 34 weeks (although I am not quite 32 weeks). My c-section is scheduled for October 11th, the day after John's 26th b-day. My doctor doesn't think that I will make it that far, so we will see. Speaking of October, I'd like to have a small surprise birthday party for John- that Sat. the 9th. Since I will either be at the end of my pregnancy or have a new baby, I thought we could just have cake and punch and a few appetizers. Anyone up for it? He'd never expect me to try and pull it off this year, which is exactly why I want to do it. :)

Have spent some quality time with Joe this week, and Joe has enjoyed playing with Nico and Lynne from Pennsylvania. We caught up briefly with Daiana and Riley, and that's about it this week. Joe is now at the train tracks with his Daddy, watching the VRE come in. He really loves that train thing. Friday we get the carpets cleaned and scotch-guarded (part of my 5-point plan for post baby happiness- clean and organize every room, paint the living room with child-proof paint, clean the carpets, decorate Jules' room and finish the yard) and then it's back to work for me. Woo!

Jesus saves.

I'm amused that the same person who tailgated my car on the Fairfax Co. Parkway at 60 miles and hour, passed me on the right and then gave me the finger had a bumper sticker that read "Jesus Saves". Apparently he does not save you from being an asshole!

In a perfect world said driver would arrive at the pearly gates at his designated time, only to be advised that the angels had to work overtime to protect the nearly 8-months pregnant driver(me)with her toddler in the backseat from his unacceptable aggressive driving, and his spot in the happily ever after had been put up on E-Bay to defray the expense. Stupid people. I have had it with aggressive drivers who don't know how to play nice.

Joe is in school, I am working on organizing the crafty area and making jewelery before work. Mom is picking up Joe as I have to work this afternoon. I'm hoping that work is laid back and not too stressful... I suppose that we will see. Still tidying up in prep for the in-laws, and dreading working an extra day on Sunday. Bleah!

That's it for now.... more when it happens. :)


No new tales to tell....


I'm enjoying a few days off, visiting with Joe and John. We've been putting the finishing touches on the house, since John's parents will be here on Friday for the weekend.

Joe came home from school yesterday with a pile of artwork! It seems that collage is his strong suit (must have gotten that skill from John). I ran over to Target and bought a pile of frames, and John hung his art everywhere last night. It's in our bedroom, the living room, his bedroom, the hallway.... but he declined to put anything in Jules' room. Anyhoo, I think it looks spiffy. I'm proud of my little artist. :)

I was hollered at by my OB yesterday, who is unhappy with my fasting blood sugars. I have been following their diet to the T for a week, and I can't get them below 100. This am was 100, even though I skimped and didn't eat a nighttime snack. She's planning on starting bedtime insulin Monday if it's not improving. Yucky.

I'm off to eat breakfast.... more when it happens!


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