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LJ Cuts

Hello Everyone!

The notepad file with all my LJ cuts didn't make it from my old computer to the new one. I am losing patience with the LJ FAQ and thought I'd just ask you guys. :)

Could you comment here with LJ cuts? I need the username one, the one for posting URLS, the one for posting a cut to text, and the one for pix. If you have any others that might be useful that would be faboo too! :)

Thanks in advance for the help.

Home again!

The nice doctor at Labor and Delivery gave me a shot to stop the contractions I was having and one to lower my blood pressure, which was high. I got to hang out for a few hours on a miserable stretcher and then come home. They want to get another week out of me if possible (we are 35 1/2, and 37 is full-term)... so the directive is to come home, rest and DO NOTHING.

Having been up all night, I am now off to try and sleep until Mom brings Joe back. :)

Going to the Hospital....

For a labor check. I've been having contractions since 11pm and I'm not sure if it's real labor or false, so watch this space for news soon. :)


Your Boobies' Names Are: Twin Peaks

Please no damn fine piece of pie jokes. :)

Too much of a good thing.....

Halloween stuff is everywhere. Wal-Mart is selling "glittered fake blood", which is really yucky. I'm fond of saying that there's no such thing as too much glitter. Glitter in blood, however is not a good thing. Color me wrong, as I thought there's nothing glitter couldn't enhance!

Pried Joe out of bed this morning and got him off to school. I woke up feeling pretty good and pain-free, but halfway through Wal-Mart the pain came back. My doc told me yesterday that I should stay home and rest. Not knowing when the baby will come, I'm hesitant to waste my time off waiting and being on bedrest. I'll play it by ear, I suppose.

Today I plan on staying home and taking care of John, who stayed home from work with a headache. He's rarely ill, so he must felt really icky to stay home. Life is just that exciting. :)

Yay for Fall!

I'm thrilled to be back in sweaters and jackets. Woo hoo!

Saturday was lovely... a small baby shower that Liane threw for me. She really went all out. There was a ton of food, favors, punch and cake, and really nice people. Susan got Jules her Halloween costume- a black kitty with a tail! So cute! I can't wait to get our pix done this year. I had a really nice time with everyone.

John and Joe took the Amtrak train to Baltimore while I was doing girly things. They got home after 10pm... and poor Joe was exhausted! John and I spent Saturday evening chilled out mostly because I'm not feeling that great.

Sunday was Joe's sibling preparation class, which was kinda disappointing. He did get to see a new baby and tour the post-partum unit at Fair Oaks Hospital. We went to the Outback for dinner afterward and the came home and did a whole lotta nothing. I'm happy to say that I have the rest of the week off, and I'm going to chill out and just wait. Part of me hopes I'll not have to go back to work at all.

So that was our weekend.... hope that everyone had a lovely weekend too!

Whew~ another week over!

Jeeze, I didn't think it would end! It was a hellacious week at work and I am thrilled to be off until next weekend. I'm not sure I'll be able to go back, depending on what happens. Part of me is hoping not. ;)

Generally, I'm miserable. It's getting harder and harder to do much and I'm very uncomfortable. I can't wait to stop whining so much! Tomorrow is our baby shower, and I'm looking forward to the distraction and the company. And cake! Cake will make it all better.

I am off to bed. Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!

The Update.....

Saw the doc today- I made John stay home and help me as I was very uncomfortable and barely able to walk this morning. We are measuring at 39 weeks (a full 5 weeks ahead, meaning Jules is either very large or the dates are off. I have cervical changes too, and everything points to her arrival sooner than later! I'm just hoping to get through to the end of the month, but the doc's not convinced that I'll make it. I'm a little freaked out about the impending surgery but mostly excited to see her and meet her. The current plan is to take it easy and wait patiently..... We will see what happens!

John is working on the yard and Joe and I are going to nap, hopefully. Later is the final touches to Jules' room, and the final packing of the bag for the hospital! :)

Still Alive.....

Just increasingly tired and overwhelmed. Worked all weekend and the last day (today) just about finished me off!

I see the doc tomorrow, will let you all know how things are going. We are 34+ weeks and counting... and hoping to make it to the end of the month! I so want Jules to be an October baby.

I'm off to bed.... will post more soon. :)


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