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Behind the Times.....

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because I've been a big giant slug and doing very little!

Saw Faith and the Muse on Monday, in the wonderful company of Vlad, Heather, Phil, Lori, Shannon and Matt. It was nice to go out and see nice people, and the girls were sweet and made me feel missed. The show was wonderful and it was nice to get dressed up... I was impressed to find something cool to wear in maternity size! I got to say hello to Monica at the end, and that was really neat too.

Spent Wed. at the doc's with Joe, who has reactive airway disease (it's like asthma). He had it as an infant, whenever he would get sick he'd cough and wheeze. Now that he's in school and getting sick on and off, he's coughing and wheezing at night. He's getting allergy meds and an inhaler at bedtime now, and so far doing fine. He should grow out of it, unless he develops full-blown asthma.

Today is Siouxsie. John called ahead and arranged for special seating (since I am worried about standing). I'm looking forward to the show, and hoping that we can find parking, as I forgot to buy parking when I ordered our tickets a gazillion years ago. This will likely be my last trip out until Halloween. John's hoping to make it to the Reverend on the 29th but I'm not so sure I'm gonna make it. The last few days have been really miserable! I'll spare you the gory details... but I can tell that the baby has shifted and has moved down. We are 33 1/2 weeks now, and it's freaky to think that she'll be here soon! I'm excited and looking forward to being off work for a little while.

That's all the news for now. :)


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